Training IN-HOUSE

In person training at the facility, as low as $35 per session based on package you choose. Monthly clients have opportunity of gaining FREE SESSIONS as they their' goals!

Training ONLINE

Budget doesn't allow personal training?Try online training as a monthly or per workout basis. Online workouts as low as $15.00 per workout depending on package options.


Training going well, but food is a struggle? Give us the opportunity to help fix your nutrition needs as low as $25 per week depending on package or duration of time you choose. 


Competitor posing for any individual, male or female. We have knowledge in all divisions, as well as numerous organizations standards.  Each posing session as low as $35.00 per visit.

Competition Prep

Would you like to compete at a bodybuilding show or fitness competition? With over 13 years of personal experience, let us help get you in your best shape!