Jeremy Abernathy's love for fitness first began at the age of 14 in the weight room of his high school. He was exclusively involved with sports and developed his lifestyle and character around the athlete mentality.


 Jeremy was no stranger to the weight room and had competed in weight lifting competitions through out his football career while being coached by some of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the nation.


 Jeremy started researching and studying nutrition both in and out of the class room and alongside top nutritionists. Jeremy made his very own transformation through trial and error shedding 100 pounds back in the summer of 2006. The physique left over from the years of intense weight lifting sparked an obsession with bodybuilding, and not just nutrition but sports nutrition specifically, from there the rest is history.


 Outside of his personal accomplishments, Jeremy has had great success with his clients both on and off the bodybuilding stage. One thing that is said often about Jeremy is how he can relate to his clients and empower them through any struggle that may occur during their journey. From competitive bodybuilders to soccer moms, Jeremy will find the perfect plan to fit your needs and your lifestyle.


Jeremy is certified through NASM, NESTA, TRX-Training, Weight-loss and Lifestyle Coach, Disease Prevention, CPR/AED.


NPC Bodybuilder and former Football Collegiate Athlete